Daelan Redtiger

Location: Trade of Blades

Chapter One Quest: Daelan wants you to seek out a particular brooch, which you'll find on one of the boats in the Docks District. As a reward for finding it, Daelan will give you the Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +1.

Chapter Two Quest: When you enter the Mutamin's Challenge at the Green Griffon Inn on the North Road you will eventually meet up with a dwarf called Gorkan down to Level 3. He will attack you there and after you defeat him, he will drop a strange notched great axe. The axe was the one that the murdered Gorkan used to kill Daelan's mother and giving the axe to him is enough proof that the murderer is no more. Daelan will upgrade his item to the Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +3.

Chapter Three Quest: Daelan will tell you another tale at Chapter 3, the story of the Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear. When Daelan finishes his tale he will let you know that he is in search for that Spear. The Uthgardt Ceremonial Spear will be given to you by Zokan Thunderer, the leader of the Elk Tribe, at the Elk Tribe Keep located near Fort Ilkard Homesteads. When you give the spear back to Daelan he will upgrade his item to the Amulet of the Uthgardt +4. You will also gain 300 experiences points. This also completes his quests for the game since no henchmen quests are given to you in Chapter 4.