Location: Trade of Blades

Chapter One Quest: Sharwyn is looking for a Celestial Elixir, which can be found in the Tanglebrook Estate in the Peninsula District. Hand the elixir to her and she will reward you with the Belt of the Performer +1.

Chapter Two Quest: Sharwyn will let you know that she is in search for a lock of Nymph's Hair in order for her to be able to win back her beloved one. You will find a Lock of hair in the Nymph's House deep into the Neverwinter Wood. Give her the lock once you have it and Sharwyn will upgrade her item to the Belt of the Performer +3.

Chapter Three Quest: The tale of Sharwyn in this Chapter will put you into a search for the Lost Song of Love. When you reach the Creator Race Ruins you will find an item called Tamorlyn's Song. This is actually the Lost Song of Love and the item Sharwyn looks for. Give it to her and you will be rewarded with the Belt of the Performer +5 and 300 experiences points. This also completes her quests for the game since no henchmen quests are given to you in Chapter 4.