Location: Trade of Blades

Chapter One Quest: Grimgnaw's quest can be completed by exploring the first section of the Blacklake District thoroughly. Ransack one of the houses in the northwest section of the district to find the Iron Ring that he is looking for. Give him the ring to receive the Amulet of the Long Death +1.

Chapter Two Quest: When you reach the Arcane's Brotherhood Tomb from the Graveyard on the North Road you will find a Mummified Hand in one of the containers there. Grimgnaw will be pleased if you give him the hand and he will reward you by upgrading his item to the Amulet of the Long Death +3.

Chapter Three Quest: During your travels at the forest of Coldwood you will come upon a small Orc Camp. The group there is led by an Orc called Vaath. After killing the Orc you will find a strange Dagger in a chest near his bedroll. The dagger is one “blessed by one of the Order" and it is the item that Grimgnaw seeks in Chapter 3. Hand the dagger to him once he finishes his tale and Grimgnaw will upgrade his item to the Amulet of the Silent Lord +4. You will also gain 300 experience points for completing Grimgnaw's tale in the chapter. This also completes his quests for the game since no henchmen quests are given to you in Chapter 4.