Level 5: Hallways

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1 - Arrival

Level 5 is, as its name implies, mostly a long series of hallways and corridors with a couple of puzzles and central rooms. You'll fight some challenging enemies in here, in contrast to the puzzle-centric focus of Level 4. It's also got a pretty-looking new tileset, so soak in the... grey?

2 - Supplies

In here, you can grab two Crossbow Quarrels from the floor, and a Scroll of Fire Shield from the shelf on the wall. The Fire Shield spell will come in handy in short order.

3 - Collapsed Tunnel

4 - Cells, Iron Key & Secret

There are two cells here. The north cell is locked from the inside, but you can get inside the south cell via the lever near the door. Get inside and look for a hidden wall switch - it'll open a way into the north cell. In the north cell, there's a Wooden Box on the ground holding two Baked Maggots, two Tar Beads, Cave Nettle, a Slime Bell, and a Scroll of Light. Light is a new spell that removes your reliance on Torches, although you'll still want to carry some around just in case. Last, the Iron Key on the shelf will open the gate at (5).

There's also a secret in this room. Look for a button on the wall in the hall between the two cells that you previously opened, and press it. A wall in the north cell will slide open, revealing a Scaled Cloak for you to take.

5 - Locked Gate

To open this gate into the next portion of the level, you'll need the Iron Key at (4).

6 - Locked Door

Another locked door awaits you here. You'll find its Iron Key at (10). Prepare to fight a bunch of Crowerns on the other side.

7 - Collapsed Tunnel

This ruined hallway is blocked off. You'll have to find another way around.

8 - Shuriken

There's a Shuriken on the floor here, if you need one.

9 - Dragon Statue Room

There are two pieces of Pitroot Bread in this room, one on each wall shelf. You might also want to mark the location of the dragon statue, as it's relevant to opening the Iron Door on this level (14).

10 - Platform Puzzle & Toorum's Note #4

This room consists of a little puzzle involving pits and platforms. Your goal is to reach the landing on the other side, and to do it, you'll need to press the switches in the correct order, such that you can cross them safely. The correct order, with the "left switch" being the one above the pits on the other side, is: right switch, left switch, right switch, middle switch, left switch. Done correctly, you'll have a path taking you across the gap, so long as you press the switch halfway across.

Grabbing the Iron Key at the other end - used to open the door at (6) - will cause a Crowern and Wyvern to come out of the walls and attack. The Wyvern is a bigger and tougher version of the Crowern, and can fire lightning bolts at you, so be careful! When you're done fighting them, search the two new alcoves for a Blooddrop Blossom and a new note from Toorum, which contains a hint about how to open the door at (11).

Last, there's a secret available nearby. Fall down the pit in this room and you'll end up in an apparently empty chamber. Look for a hidden switch near the return portal to open the wall nearby, revealing two more Crowerns to fight. Your reward is two Lightning Bombs and two Fire Bombs.

11 - Locked Door & Secret

Toorum's note, found at (10), will reveal the general method on opening this locked door. The correct sequence of events to perform is: pull lever down, press right-hand button, pull lever up, press left-hand button. You'll be attacked by three Herders who have apparently grown from Toorum's leftover Herder Caps - kill them and step inside to claim your prize, a Herder Cap and the Conjurer's Hat.

12 - Crystal of Life, Secret & Toorum's Note #5

Finally, a Crystal of Life! Heal up, and grab the Tattered Cloak and Blooddrop Blossom from the floor nearby if you need them. There's a couple more things to do in this room before moving on. One, check the south wall for a hidden switch to press - it'll open a wall nearby to reveal a Fist Dagger for you to use. Two, fall down the pit next to the Crystal of Life to find one of Toorum's notes.

13 - Giant Crabs & Ring Greaves

The hallways here are full of a new enemy type, Giant Crabs. These monsters are large, powerful, and can take a lot of damage - but they're also slow, so use that to your advantage. You'll find two here, but there's plenty more throughout the rest of the game...

Before moving on, check the dead end at the north end of the hallway for some Ring Greaves. They can be a bit hard to spot amongst the dirt and bones.

14 - Iron Door & Stairs Down

You've arrived at the end of the dungeon! ... at least, if you had the keys to unlock the gates. You'll have to complete two more areas on this level before you can leave. The two Ornate Keys required can be found at (18) and (20).

Once you have the two Ornate Keys, several Skeleton Warriors of varying types will spawn all over the level, several of them around this particular area. Use the two keys on the locks in the room, and you'll be able to head down to Level 6: Trapped (B).

You may notice a note on the floor here, talking about how the "Gate of Iron" will open if you rest near some dragons. This is actually a clue on how to open the Iron Door. There are two dragon statues throughout the level, one at (9) and one at (18), and you'll need to stand at a spot where their "line of sight" intersects - this is marked with an (X) on the map above. Upon doing so, the Iron Gate will open to reveal your prize, the Lurker Vest.

15 - Deserted Tunnels Entrance

To enter the Deserted Tunnels, you'll need to solve a puzzle. First, equip a throwing item (the Rock found in the hallway nearby will do the job), and stand near the lever. Flip it, opening the door but also shutting a gate in front of you. Quickly, run in sight of the floor switch and throw your object at it, which will open the gate. From there, run into the open door before it closes again. It might take you a few tries to get the timing down.

Note that if you hold the floor switch down and throw the lever on the wall, a secret room near the floor switch will be revealed. It's not a secret, but rather contains a message - "your feet may never carry you here hastily enough" - which is a clue about needing to throw an object instead.

16 - Deserted Tunnels

As the runes near the now-shut door suggest, there is "no turning back." Head onward through the tunnels - take note that as you wander around, certain walls will open and close to release enemies, most notably Cave Crabs and Herders. Your map may look slightly different than the one above as a result. Your goal in this area is located at (18).

You might want to stop for some supplies at (17) before going too deep in. There are a few items scattered around for you to find, like a Grim Cap, Milkreed and Fire Bombs inside a few hidden areas that open up, and a Warhammer in a wall alcove at the north end, which should also come in handy.

17 - Supplies

This room contains a Tar Bead and some Ring Gauntlets for your damage-absorbing party member.

18 - Dragon Statue Room & Ornate Key

One of the Ornate Keys needed to leave the level can be found here, next to the dragon statue. Make a note of the statue's position and the direction it's facing if you wish to open the Iron Door at (14). To return to the main room (14), use the lever on the wall nearby to open a hidden door.

In order to get behind the gate, you'll need to do some slight backtracking. Follow the new passage you just opened back to the lever where you first entered the Deserted Tunnels at (15). Flip the switch, and then run back north to find the gate in the dragon statue room open. Run inside before the timer goes off, and take the five Broadhead Arrows, three Fire Arrows, Grim Cap and Huntsman Cloak.

19 - Chamber of Pits & Secret

The Chamber of Pits is another "moving bridge" puzzle that mostly revolves around your reaction time, but in practice it's not as difficult to navigate as it might seem. The lever on the wall will reverse the direction of the sequence, while the button starts it. Simply follow sequence to the end, and move on to (20).

Note that along the way, you can obtain a secret fairly easily by simply following the platforms in reverse sequence and pressing a not-so-hidden button on the far wall. This will raise a platform in the corner of the room, with a Bracer of Fortitude as your reward.

If you fall down the pits, you'll end up in a large room on the lower level, filled with Skeleton Warriors of varying types. There's also a few minor items to find, including a Tattered Cloak, Blooddrop Blossom, Grim Cap and Burrow Rat Shank. Take the stairs back up and you'll find a Boiled Crag Beetle and a Short Bow before you reconnect with the rest of the level.

20 - Ornate Key Chamber

This chamber contains the Ornate Key you need at (14), but it is surprisingly empty. Suspiciously so, in fact. If you grab the Ornate Key, those suspicions will be confirmed as the walls open and you'll come under attack by several Herders and a Cave Crab. Defeat them, and then loot the alcoves that have opened for a Tar Bead and two Lightning Bombs. To leave the room, you'll need to put another item back in the Ornate Key's place - any object will do.

There's a clever way to bypass the fighting here, if you're interested. Simply place a second object on the Ornate Key's shelf before grabbing it - the walls will never open, the door out will never close and the enemies won't attack.

21 - Basement

This section is only accessible from Level 4.

22 - Basement

This section is only accessible from
Level 6.

A - Stairs Up to Level 4

B - Stairs Down to Level 6

C - Stairs Down to Level 6 (Chamber of Pits sub-level)

D - Stairs Down to Level 6 (Fireball Hallway)

X - Rest Spot (used for opening the Iron Door at (14))