Wyverns, the larger cousins of Crowerns, are larger and more fearsome. Tinted blue, compared to the reddish brown Crowerns, they are powerful enemies both in melee range and at a distance, thanks to their sharp talons and their ability to launch lightning bolts.

Attributes: High health, high damage, fast attack speed, fast movement speed, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Wyverns are, much like Crowerns, fast-moving predators. Later in the game, around Level 6, you'll start to see a few Wyverns, and later on they're almost guaranteed to show up around packs of Crowerns. Unlike Crowerns, they have a powerful ranged lightning bolt attack, which is extremely damaging and will injure all of your party members. Your best bet is to try isolating a Wyvern from its brood, and then circling around it to prevent it from attacking you.