The silent, hooded, tentacle-faced guardians of Mount Grimrock, the Goromorg are both perplexing and deadly. As powerful magic-users, they favor ranged spells over all else. While not especially tough in melee, their nimbleness and spellcasting ability make them difficult to defeat. They are able to project magic shields around themselves, which nullify the first series of blows against them.

Attributes: High health, very high damage, medium attack speed, fast movement speed, shield absorbs damage, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Goromorgs are basically the toughest enemy you'll fight in any sort of large quantity. Encountered around Level 9 and seen until the end of the game, you'll likely have a lot of trouble dealing with even one, let alone four or five. Any resistance spells you know will be useful, especially Ice Shield and Shock Shield. Their weakness is their lack of close-quarters strength, but getting up-close to them can be difficult. Their own shields are tough, but can be destroyed with a few solid attacks - doing so will expose them to your full fury, and once those shields are gone they aren't quite so tough.