Ice Lizard
Ice Lizards are some of the most dangerous predators in Mount Grimrock. Technically the toughest of all the animal-type enemies, their fearsome bites, fast and quiet movement, and thick hides make them apex predators.

Attributes: High health, high damage, fast attack speed, fast movement speed, immune to Cold

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: Ice Lizard Steak

Strategy: Ice Lizards appear late in the game, around Level 9, and are one of the most deadly foes you'll meet. They're fast, powerful, resistant to damage, and any Cold-type attack or spell will be ineffective. While individuals aren't immensely challenging, they have a tendency to corner you in narrow tunnels. Hit and run tactics, ranged weapons, and quickly dodging their attacks are crucial to defeat them. Note that they drop Ice Lizard Steak, the most filling and plentiful late-game food source - stock up while you can.