Herders are large mushroom-like creatures native to Mount Grimrock. ALthough neutral in allegiance, they tend to be very territorial and will attack any who come near. Unlike other types of enemy, Herders come in three varieties: large, medium and small. The medium Herders are the most common, and have a standard melee attack. Small Herders are quicker and can fire poison bolts from a distance. Large Herders, meanwhile, are big, tough and like to spray off a poison cloud when enemies draw near. Herders tend to drop Herder Caps, one of the most common sources of food in Grimrock's dungeons.

Attributes (medium): Medium health, low damage, medium attack speed, slow movement speed

Attributes (small): Low health, medium damage, medium attack speed, fast movement speed

Attributes (large): High health, high damage, medium attack speed, medium movement speed

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: Herder Cap

Strategy: Herders are a common foe throughout Mount Grimrock. While the basic medium-sized ones aren't too tough, the small and large ones are a bigger threat. Small Herders can fire poison bolts from a distance and tend to do reasonable damage if not disposed of quickly, and large Herders are very hardy - slower-moving, but deadly due to their poison cloud attack. Getting surrounded by both small and large varieties can be a death sentence due to the fact that poison damages your whole party, so try to fight them in open spaces if at all possible. Even if you kill them, have some Antivenom on hand to deal with the lingering poison effects.