Huge beasts dwelling in the depths of Mount Grimrock, Ogres are as intimidating as they are powerful. Wielding massive mauls, what they lack in elegance and dexterity they make up for in raw strength. They are very fond of charging their prey in order to close distance quickly.

Attributes: Very high health, very high damage, medium attack speed, medium movement speed, charge attack, can attack sides

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: Ogre Hammer

Strategy: Ogres are encountered around Level 6 and become an uncommon sight throughout the rest of the game. Although they are imposing and ugly, they're not quite as tough as they look if you can avoid taking damage from them. Try to put distance between you and them, and then dodge out of the way when they charge forward, using your opening to attack from behind. Note that Ogres always drop Ogre Hammers, one of the best mauls in the game, and often carry Sacks full of useful items as well.