Level 13: The Cemetery

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1 - Arrival & Portal

The Cemetery is the lowest level of Mount Grimrock, and it's a fitting one: an extensive maze of machine-like passages with ancient and damaged machine parts littered all over the place, infested with Shrakk Torr and other vermin. Your goal here will be to find four parts:
  • Steel Gear (2)
  • Ore (5)
  • Infusor (7)
  • Bladed Gear (8)
There are plenty of other types of pieces scattered about - they can be ignored. When you have all the parts in hand, use the portal at (A) to return to Level 12 and install them. You'll be able to open the gates in the way of the portal by pressing switches near its entrance.

2 - Steel Gear & Restricted Area Switch

The Steel Gear on the floor at this spot is one of the machine parts you need.

Before moving on, search the wall nearby to find a hidden switch. Pressing it will open the restricted area at (11).

3 - Ring Gauntlets

4 - Sack

The sack here helpfully contains a few Torches, if you need a light source.

5 - Ore

This shiny orange piece of Ore is one of the four machine parts needed. Grab it from the shelf and take it with you.

6 - Boiled Crag Beetle

7 - Infusor & Baked Maggot

Another component necessary for repairing the mechanism upstairs rests here. Search the floor on the opposite side of the wall nearby for a Baked Maggot.

8 - Bladed Gear

The final component needed can be found sitting on the floor at this location. If you've been following along, that's all the parts you need, and can return to Level 12 via the portal at (A)! However, if you want to find the remaining secrets, Treasures and some extra loot, you can continue exploring.

9 - Hidden Switch & Secret

Pressing the switch at this location will open a wall nearby, revealing a Baked Maggot, Burrow Rat Shank and four Fire Bombs.

10 - Hidden Switch & Secret

Another hidden switch can be found in this alcove. Press it to open a secret door just north of your position, where you'll find a Wooden Box containing four Tar Beads, two Flasks and a Slime Bell. You may want to make some Healing Potions while you're here - you may need them shortly.

11 - Restricted Area

There's a series of tunnels to the north of the main Cemetery area, housing a Crystal of Life and some additional loot. To access it, you'll have to press the switch located at (2). You'll find plenty of Giant Spiders inside to kill.

12 - Cave Crab & Gold Key

Around this area, you'll run into a Cave Crab. Defeat it and it will drop a Gold Key - hang onto it for use at (16).

13 - Wooden Box & Hidden Switch

Battle your way here to find a Wooden Box containing a Flask, two Torches, two Mole Jerky slices, and a piece of Pitroot Bread. Before going far, check the wall nearby for a hidden switch. Pressing it will open a wall at (14).

14 - Globe of Tetharion

The sixth Treasure in the game, the Globe of Tetharion, is hidden in a secret room here. To open it, you'll need to press a hidden switch located at (13). Claim your prize, the beautiful Globe of Tetharion!

15 - Ice Lizard Steaks

Food down here can be scarce. Check this dead-end hallway for two Ice Lizard Steaks waiting for your party's drooling maws.

16 - Crystal of Life & Treasury

At long last, the final Crystal of Life in the game! Take a moment to rest up, and then turn your attention to the three chambers around the room. That's right, it's another treasury - you can use the Gold Key you obtained at (12) to open one of the doors, as well as any previous Gold Keys you might have saved for later. The rewards are as follows:
  • East: Torch 3x, Sack (contains Tar Bead x3, Blooddrop Blossom x3), Sack (contains Grim Cap x4, Energy Potion, Healing Potion)
  • North: Plate Cuirass, Plate Greaves, Plate Boots, Plate Gauntlets, Full Helmet
  • West: Fire Bomb x2, Lightning Bomb 2x, Fire Blade

That's it, you're done with Level 13! With all the necessary machine components in hand, it's time to head back to Level 12 to get that mechanism repaired!

A - Portal to Level 12