Level 10: Goromorg Temple II

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1 - Arrival

The second part of the Goromorg Temple contains a heavy focus on exploration, and introduces one of the game's most challenging foes yet. Expect a lot of difficult fighting, and don't be afraid to run in some situations. Your first challenge involves getting into the Inner Sanctum (9), via solving a puzzle involving a couple of Round Keys, a few doors and a spectral relay.

2 - Baked Maggot

Some delicious food waits for you on the floor over here.

3 - Round Keyhole

Tear down the banner on this column to reveal a lock for a Round Key. You'll find said Round Keys over at (6) and (8).

Using a Round Key on the keyhole will cause the wall to lower, revealing an Ice Lizard and two Shrakk Torr to defeat, as well as three Tar Beads to collect. More importantly, the demon statue inside is free to fire its spectral orbs towards the receptacle at (4).

4 - Round Keyhole & Toorum's Note #11

There's another keyhole fitting a Round Key in this room. You'll need one of the Round Keys found at (6) or (8) to activate it. There's also a Shrakk Torr in this room - if you haven't seen one yet back on Level 9, it's a very fast-moving and fast-attacking giant fly.

Using the Round Key here causes the wall to open, revealing a Shrakk Torr and two Ice Lizards, plus some Mole Jerky. More importantly, it reveals the receptacle for the spectral relay at (3).

Finally, search the south part of this chamber for one of Toorum's notes, which discusses the nature of Mount Grimrock.

5 - Gate Switch & Door to Inner Sanctum

Your goal in this room is to guide a spectral orb from (3) to its destination at (4). There are two switches in the room (both behind banners), one which fires off a spectral orb from (3) and one which toggles the gates in its path. Once you have the walls at (3) and (4) opened up, you'll need to use the switches to make sure the spectral orb reaches its goal unhindered. The timing isn't as exact as you think - if you press one switch and immediately run to the other and press it, your timing will be perfect and the orb will fly along just fine.

Successfully completing this puzzle opens up the Inner Sanctum (9).

6 - Round Key

This Round Key fits one of the locks at (3) or (4).

7 - Central Chamber

This chamber contains four things of interest: two gates which take you to the south passages in the area, two shelves on the walls (one behind a banner), a Red Gem and a floor switch. Pressing the floor switch opens the door that's nearest to the Red Gem - to access the Round Key at (8), you'll have to move the Red Gem.

Note that once you're done in the rear passages, you'll want to keep the Red Gem for later use at (11).

8 - Round Key & Gauntlets of Valor

One of the Round Keys needed for the puzzle is found here. Follow the hallway north, but be careful when you throw the lever - two walls will open, revealing a Uggardian and two Shrakk Torr behind you. Defeat them, then search the room the Shrakk Torr came out of for the Gauntlets of Valor, the best heavy gauntlets in the game.

9 - Inner Sanctum

You'll gain access to the Inner Sanctum after solving the puzzle in the previous chambers. Prepare for a very difficult fight.

Stepping into the Sanctum will cause the inner doors to open, followed by the walls around the entire hallway (don't go all the way, or you'll trigger a floor switch and release a poison cloud on yourself). This will reveal several Gormorgs - large, flying hooded mages that you've seen in statue form all throughout Grimrock. As the dungeon's guardians, they are extremely dangerous. Not only do they fire off powerful high-level magic spells, they also have shields that protect them from harm. However, the shields, while tough, make up for the fact that they have fairly low health compared to some other enemies.

There is a good chance you will die here. The Goromorgs are tough, dealing lots of damage and also soaking up plenty themselves. There is no shame in running, for now. However, if you take them on you'll get a lot of XP, so it's probably a trade-off worth making.

Whether or not you decide to fight the Goromorgs, your goal is to open a portal in the Inner Sanctum. To do this, you'll need to reach the room on the west side of the Sanctum and press the switch inside - doing so will spawn three more Goromorgs, but it will also provide you with the means to escape. Running into the portal will take you to (10).

There's some minor loot to be found in here before you go. The east room contains two Crossbow Quarrels, while the west room has a Baked Maggot and two Throwing Axes inside.

10 - Crystal of Life

You'll end up here after dealing with the Goromorgs and using the portal back at (9). Whew! Take a well-earned rest before getting back to it.

11 - Iron Door

The game's final Iron Door is located here. There's no riddle provided this time, but the banner to tear down and the shelf on the wall provide a clue - remember the Red Gem back at (7)? Place it on the shelf, and the Iron Door will open for you. Inside, you'll obtain a Throwing Axe and the Crookhorn Longbow, the best Bow-type weapon in the game.

12 - Stairs Down & Tunnels

These stairs will take you through Level 11 to Level 12, but there isn't much for you to do there until you've explored more of Level 10. Specifically, you'll need the Prison Key at (27) to get in, and the room it's in is impenetrable by conventional means. Once you do have it, you can proceed on to Levels 11 and 12.

Instead, turn your attention to the tunnels to the north and east of the Crystal of Life area. You'll have to battle your way through lots of Shrakk Torr and Goromorgs, but otherwise it's a fairly straightforward area.

13 - Cave Nettle

14 - Greaves of Valor

Destroy the Shrakk Torr infesting this room and claim the Greaves of Valor as your own. If you've been following along, this is the last piece of the Valor set, the best armor in the game!

15 - Longsword

16 - Shuriken x2

17 - Bombs & Shield of the Elements

Search this room for three Poison Bombs and two Frost Bombs.

To the southeast, you'll find a lone pit near a locked door. Jump down the pit to find yourself in a Level 11 basement area with Cave Crabs in it. Defeat them and search the room for a Tar Bead, Milkreed, two Shurikens, and three Frost Bombs. Climb back up the stairs to find yourself on the other side of the door. Grab your reward for exploring the area, the unique Shield of the Elements. Hold down the floor switch to exit.

18 - Full Helmet, Secret Door & Toorum's Note #12

Grab the Full Helmet from the floor here, then turn your attention to the wall at this location. Look for a hidden switch, and press it to reveal a hidden chamber behind the Crystal of Life at (10). You'll find two Blooddrop Blossoms, four Fire Quarrels, and a note from Toorum ruminating on the Crystals of Life throughout the dungeon.

19 - Portal Room & Secret

This door requires two Ornate Keys to open. You'll find both in the two areas to the north, the Shrine (20) and the Caverns (25).

Once inside, you'll spot a portal in the middle of the room. Enter it and you'll be sent to the Prison Key Room at (27).

Before continuing (or after you've returned from (27)), search the wall of the room for a hidden switch. Pressing it will shut off the portal and create a pit in the floor to drop through. This will take you to a basement on Level 11, which contains a Scaled Cloak, and a Sack with a Tar Bead and two Burrow Rat Shanks in it. Before taking them, notice the demon statue? It's a trap! Look for another hidden switch to press, which will close the wall in front of it - otherwise, you'll be hit by several lightning bolts as you take the loot.

20 - The Shrine

If this room looks suspicious, that's because it is. The Ornate Key needed at (19) is in plain sight, on a podium, but taking it will spawn several Goromorgs and cause a new monster, Tentacles, to appear from the floor grating. Tentacles are stationary monsters, but their attacks can increase your cooldown timers, and they'll make fighting the Goromorgs here difficult.

You can actually avoid a fight fairly easily if you wish. The podium the Ornate Key sits on is a pressure plate, so placing one of the Torches from the wall on it before removing the Ornate Key will avoid setting off the alarm

21 - The Caverns

The Caverns are a large, open area with a few floor pits scattered around, as well as Scavengers and Ogres to fight. The mostly open nature of the area makes the combat fairly easy, but make sure you don't accidentally fall into a pit when trying to dodge your enemies. Note that one of the Ogres drops a Sack full of alchemy ingredients (two Blooddrop Blossoms, two Tar Beads, and a Slime Bell) if you need them.

Note that falling down the pits in this area will take you to a basement on Level 11, where you'll need to fight Green Slimes to return to Level 10. Search the place while you're there for three Poison Bombs, a Boiled Crag Beetle, a Shuriken, Pitroot Bread and four Tar Beads. Notably, there's also a Skull to be found in the eastern tunnel.

22 - Toorum's Note #13 & Icefall Hammer

Read this note for some more thoughts from Toorum. He gives a not-so-subtle subtle hint about the presence of both food (23) and a hidden room nearby.

If you want to grab the most powerful Mace-type weapon in the game, read on. From (22), fall down the nearest pit directly east of it to end up in the Level 11 basement described at (21)... but on the other side of an otherwise impenetrable fence. Follow the path forward through a door, and you'll reach a chilly-looking vault. Continue along through the halls and you'll find the Icefall Hammer, the most powerful Mace-type weapon in the game.

When you claim it, the walls will open to reveal a few Cave Crabs and Herders. Time to put it to good use! On the way back, you can also collect two Throwing Knives from one of the newly-opened alcoves. To return to the surface, you'll have to make your way through the tunnels described at (21), and you'll find a staircase taking you back up at the southwest end.

23 - North Room

This room is infested with Ice Lizards, and contains a single Throwing Axe as a reward for besting them. Grab the Ice Lizard Steaks they leave behind if you need them.

24 - South Room & Toorum's Note #14

This room is full of Scavengers, which should be no threat to you by now. Be sure to pick up Toorum's note, which gives a clue to solving the puzzle at (25).

25 - Lever Puzzle & Ornate Key

As the note at (24) suggests, the pillars and levers here are the key to getting the Ornate Key here. Effectively, the switches need to be flipped in accordance with the pillars nearby... a close pillar means up, a far one means down. The correct order, from left to right, is: down, down, up, down, up. Flipping them in this order will raise a platform and allow you to retrieve the Ornate Key. Note that taking it will spawn a few Goromorgs, so get ready for a fight! When you're finished, return to the door at (19).

26 - Toorum's Final Resting Place & Notes #15-16

If you're following Toorum's story, or just want some loot, you'll want to check this secret out. Search the location at (X) for a hidden switch, and press it before traveling to the southeast. Inside this new chamber, you'll find two last notes by Toorum (one under his Tattered Cloak), as well as the Ancient Axe, the best Axe-type weapon in the game, a Phalanx Helmet, a Hardstone Bracelet, and the Remains of Toorum.

The Remains of Toorum in particular are used to release Toorum's spirit and get the "Buddies with Toorum" Achievement. Take the Remains to any Crystal of Life, like the one at (10), and use them with the Crystal to free Toorum from his anguish.

It turns out that Toorum can live again. After bringing his remains to a Crystal of Life, you can start a new game playing as Toorum himself! See our Toorum Mode page for more details.

27 - Prison Key Room

This room, accessed from (19) only, contains the Prison Key, the item needed to effectively enter Grimrock's endgame. Congratulations, you're just about finished with the Goromorg Temple! From here, you can return to the stairs down (12) and proceed on to Levels 11 and 12.

28 - Basement

This basement area is only accessible from Level 9. It contains the puzzle for retrieving the Cuirass of Valor.

A - Stairs Up to Level 9

B - Stairs Down to Level 11

C - Stairs Down to Level 11 (Caverns basement)

D - Stairs Down to Level 11 (Shield of the Elements basement)

X - Hidden switch for (26)