The Prophecy: Stones of the Gods

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Reward: Leadership for every stone, castle troop upgrades, and completion of the game!

You'll be working on this quest throughout the game. When it's finished, essentially so is the game. It requires you to find 7 Stones of the Gods over the course of the game. Most are guarded by a powerful army or come after a lengthy quest. After you receive every 2nd stone starting with the 1st you recover (since it's actually the 2nd of 8 total - the first you already have now), some castles including King Mark's have upgraded troops, so check back.

1 - Castle of King Frederick

Speak with King Frederick again after getting your dragon to get this quest. The first stone you'll be after will be the stone of hope, found in the catacombs on the island Bolo, which you'll need a nav chart for. Each stone gives you 100 more leadership beginning with the first (which you got for free). When you get the second, it will be +200 to leadership, then +300, and so on through +800 for the final stone. Below are brief instructions on how to get each stone, and then simply look for the quests with an * on them for specific stone-related quests.

Even if you've played King's Bounty: The Legend, I'd recommend after getting this quest going through the training tutorial with Captain Bogard, as you'll get a sword and shield, plus some decent experience for starting out.

Stone of Hope:

Found in the catacombs on Bolo, guarded by a "hero" droid. +200 leadership.

Stone of Joy:

Found in the Temple of Joy on the island of Uzala. +300 leadership.

Stone of Sorrow:

Found in the Temple of Sorrow on the island of Tekron. +400 leadership.

Stone of Love:

Found in the Temple of Love on the Endless Bridge in between Verona and Montero. +500 leadership.

Stone of Wrath:

Kept by the Lizardman K'Tahu on the island of Reha. +600 leadership.

Stone of Knowledge:

Kept by the magician Zilgadis on the island of Elon (in the Mirror Tower). +700 leadership.

Stone of Hate:

Kept by the usurper Demenion on the island of Verona. +800 leadership. As there really isn't a quest for this (as much as a description in this quest), you'll want to head to the central castle in Verona after getting all of the other stones (though it is not required to wait), and defeat Demenion for this last stone.

2 (not shown) - Warden of the Circle

Only read the following after you've collected all the stones!

When you've collected all of the stones, return to the Endless Bridge in between Verona and Montero and speak with the Warden of the Circle of Stones. Then speak with Teana. Then with King Mark. Finally, speak with Baal and enter into combat. Baal's got a lot of hp in normal (126,666hp) so make sure you have a highly resistant "tank" character and buff them properly using your best spells and equipment, and send them in directly. He'll spawn high level creatures you'll have to deal with, but not very many per stack. Keep your tanks buffed throughout the fight. For some good strategies against him, seek the official forums (see introduction & advice for link).

When you've finished him off, major congratulations to you! There are no more quests, and you'll shortly finish the game.


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