Crossworlds: Orcs on the March Quests

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There are seven new quests in the Orcs on the March campaign that weren't in King's Bounty: Armored Princess. After you get your first couple quests on Debir, I would suggest coming back here to scan the new Debir quests. Then come back again when you reach the island of Scarlet Wind. For completionists, the last quest is on Sheterra though it's more of an addition to the new Military Academy than anything else. In order, here are the new quests for Crossworlds.

The other new things are the few new troop types (Fauns, Orc units, Rune Mages, etc.), the new Orc unit mechanics, and the Military Academies on every main island. When you first enlist in the Military Academy you'll receive an Officer's Patent. Wearing this allows you to gain "trophies" after battles which can be traded in for upgraded troops at any Military Academy.

1: Debir - Admission to the Military Academy

Reward: Military Academy pass

a) You'll automatically pick this up when you speak with King Frederick upon first entering Teana. When you can, head just across the pond where next to the Wizard Tower is a row of three houses. The middle one is now the Military Academy.

b) Speak with Captain Means there and hand in your pass to complete. Now speak with him and ask if there's anything he can teach you to go on your class quest.

2: Debir - Class Quests at the Military Academy

Warrior Quest: Secrets of the Martial Arts
Warrior Reward: new skill "Counter-Attack" which gives all humanoid units a +1/2/3 chance to counter attack, third level countering any melee attack.

Paladin Quest: Secrets of the Warriors of Light
Paladin Reward: new skill "Holy Armor" which gives units a +20/25/30% chance to receive 50% damage from an attack, not affecting Demons and Undead.

Mage Quest: Secrets of the Magical Arts
Mage Reward: new skill "Archmage" which gives -10/17/25% leadership requirements for hiring magicians and allies including: Priests, Inquisitors, Demonologists, Druids, Necromancers, Archmages, Rune Mages, and all Shamans.

When you ask Capt. Means about teaching you, he'll send you on a kill quest. The warrior must kill 20 skilled Warriors: Knights, Horsemen, or Assassins. The Paladin must kill 30 Warriors of Light: Priests, Inquisitors, or Paladins. The Mage must kill 20 higher Magicians: Archmages, Rune Mages, Necromancers, or Demonologists.

When the task is done, simply report back to Means for your reward.

3: Debir - Demenion's Spy

This is just another part you'll have to complete for the normal AP quest Demenion's Spy. When you first speak with Rock Porter, you'll now have to go and talk with Fisherman Takeshi near the hut on the western part of Debir. He'll give you evidence against Porter. You can now speak with Porter to confront him with the evidence, attack and finish the quest.

4: Debir - The Tower of Eventus

Reward: Metamorphic Axel - item that fits in any slot and can be any of seven attribute bonuses: +4 atk/def/int, +20 rage/mana, +2000 leadership, or +1 speed

There's a mysterious new Wizard Tower just off the southwest coast of Debir (take the boat). Enter and speak with the Caretaker to get the quest. Essentially there are seven floors and on each you'll fight the Caretaker at successively higher levels, ending at level 49 when you get to the top. On each level there is at least one building you can buy hordes of creatures from for free using your current leadership (but you cannot take back out - no freebies). This is a quest you'll likely be coming back to many times throughout your journey, and the last fight can be very difficult. When you finally reach the top floor after defeating the last version of the Caretaker, speak with him again and he'll give you the reward as well as become a merchant with some powerful items and creatures for sale.

5: Debir - Red Scrounger and the March of the Orcs

Reward: Gloves of the Destroyer - +20% offensive spell power, +10% resist to fire, magic, poison, and astral damage. Special: using it can break into its respective components

a) Start by speaking with Urlyh on the dock of Debir near the starting castle to pick up the quest. He'll send you to Dersu (which you won't likely be able to get to for quite a while)

b) When you make it to Dersu, speak with Old Bobur, just up the hill where you land the boat - the first hut on the left. Ask about Scrounger, and after some dialogue, you'll be sent to a tavern in Verona to speak with Habiblu.

c) When on Verona, head up the main path from the docks to the second path on your left. At the corner is the tavern you seek. Speak with Saloonkeeper Hunchback and ask about Habiblu, then ask where Scrounger went. He'll point you to Tekron to the underground Abyss.

d) Head to Tekron (when it's open to you of course), and enter the Grand Canal Entrance on the northwest part of the island. You can see the map on the quest Submarine. Take the sub around the canal until you see the giant Lan Mandrake standing nearby a swirling portal. Just stay to the right and you'll find him. Ask him about Scrounger and he'll direct you to Sheterra Island.

e) Once on Sheterra Island, before you take the hover lift over to the main island, you'll find Barlok near where you landed your boat. Ask about Scrounger and he'll point out some lights. These are actually in the water so get back in the boat and simply follow the coastline counter-clockwise and you'll see the lights very close by. Scrounger will be at the top of a small ramp you can land your boat on. Speak with him to initiate dialogue, and eventually you will get to attack (or can choose not to but cannot complete the quest otherwise). He's level 43 with a large Orc army so be careful. When defeated, you'll get the reward!

6: Scarlet Wind - The Efforts of Master Lothar

Reward: 1500xp, 3 of each type of rune

There's a new hut in the water on the far northwest of the map. Speak with Master Lothar inside, ask if there's anything he needs you to do and you'll get a quest that simply asks you to find a "Turn Back Time" scroll for him. During the course of the game, when you find one, simply bring it back to him for the reward. He'll also turn into a merchant with items and creatures you might be able to use.

7: Sheterra - Deliver Arian's Order

Reward: the ability to train Demon troops like you do other races in the Sheterra version of the Military Academy. But you lose the ability to get more trophies, so to me it's not worth it unless you are finished with trophies

Begin by talking with Hephaestus on the south part of the main island Sheterra. Tell him you want to sell your soul to begin the quest. Pleased, he'll try and take it but something goes awry. To fix the problem you'll need to deliver something to Arian, whom you'll find in the cage-looking building just to the west of the bridge on the northern part of the island. Speak with Arian and be sure to have your Officer's Patent. He will "defile" it and give it back but you'll now be able to use your existing trophies to train up Demon troops (and other troops) but will lose the ability to earn more trophies. Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but seems like it might be by design. If so be aware of the consequences before you agree.

And that concludes the new content for Orcs on the March!


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