Amulet of Illumination

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Reward: 110xp, 4400g

Takes you to Bolo into the catacombs there, the end result being the Stone of Hope for the main quest. It is possible to get the amulet without fighting fairly early in the game, (and thus unlock some creature upgrades both at the Castle and Magic Academy (Paladins) on Debir, but this would require some good sneaking and possible reloading. Either way, get this as early as you feel up to the task.

1 - Temple of Hope, Priestess Pythian

Speak with the Priestess and ask about the Stone of Hope. Then accept her pre-requisite quest to find the Amulet of Illumination. When you unlock the map to the island of Bolo, travel there and enter the Catacombs at #2.

2 - Bolo, Catacombs Entrance

The cave is filled with robot guards and sentries. You can sneak past to the main robot at the other end of the small maze, R14-Gromozeka. There's also a quest for him near the entrance to the catacombs from a dwarf if you're up to the task. Either way, this guard will follow you, so you'll have a chance to grab the amulet without fighting and run out. Once you have it, head back to the Temple of Hope, and the Priestess will reward you for the quest, as well as give you the Stone of Hope, likely the first stone you get in the game!

It will be awhile before you get another one likely (one of the things I think they could have evened out a bit), so enjoy your reward for a good long time and continue exploring new islands.


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