Crossworlds: Defender of the Crown Campaign

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Defender of the Crown is one of the two brand new campaigns in Crossworlds. It's meant to be a short, replayable campaign to test out your battle prowess.

TIP: For extra boosts, don't forget about suppressing your upgradable items and then buying more of them, suppressing those, etc. :)

When you begin, you start at level one and speak to General Monroe at the castle. Going through his dialog accepts the quest and the rewards are random within a certain range. You'll always get around 150k gold, one scroll, around 600xp, one item, and around 105 magic crystals for completing it. He simply asks that you "Drive the enemy from the Isle of Brist." Simple enough.

Start by visiting the three buildings in the area and stocking up on troops for your first battle. Then speak with nearby merchant Hogben. This is a "pay to fight" type of deal as he really doesn't have anything to sell but the experience you get from the battle is well worth it. Pay him 20k and you'll enter into a battle in his basement. No enemy hero here just you and some monsters.

When it's over and you level up, stock up on some more creatures, then attack the level 5 enemy hero standing nearby blocking your way. The monsters are random on every enemy hero. When he's defeated, you can venture a little further down the path and buy more creatures at the new building. Be sure to check the previous buildings for upgrades as well.

The next enemy is standing on the bridge. When you've upgraded, face off against this level 10 enemy hero. When he's defeated two more buildings open up to you. Stock up and continue on.

The final enemy of this island is waiting, a level 15 enemy hero. Defeat him and you'll complete your first quest so take this time to upgrade any spells with your newfound magic crystals, and stock up, as you'll be leaving the island soon.

Now speak with Chancellor Mist on the dock and accept his quest. Journey via boat to another island (happens automatically) and when you land, be sure to collect all the new magic crystals and stock up on needed creatures and supplies at the first open building, the "Last Refuge" Tavern.

Your goal is the eventual defeat of the enemy at Castle Mirr. Your first enemy here though is level 18. When defeated, two more merchant buildings open up: a tower and the Ghost Mage Merchant. Check out his items for sale and again prepare for the next battle.

The next enemy is level 22 and guards your path up to the castle as well as two merchant buildings. When he's defeated stock up and make your way around the left path up to the Castle, not forgetting to pick up the magic crystals strewn about.

When fully prepared, attack the castle and when you win, this campaign is over! Congratulations!


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