Crossworlds: Champion of the Arena Campaign

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Champion of the Arena is one of the two brand new campaigns in Crossworlds. It's meant to be a short, replayable campaign to test out your battle prowess. This one is about fighting bosses, but is more in depth than Defender of the Crown as you also get to fulfill contracts, join guilds, and in all, have more battles.

TIPS: For extra boosts, don't forget about suppressing your upgradable items and then buying more of them, suppressing those, etc. :) Also be sure to visit the Bounty Hunter's guild frequently in between boss fights to level up. Finally, there are some very powerful combinations of mercenaries you can buy, for instance Hagrid the Dwarf who gives fantastic bonuses to any plants in your party. Pair him up with some Royal Thorns and other plants and you can be virtually unstoppable.

When you begin, speak with Lew Klisan and accept the quest to become Champion of the Arena. Head through the now open gate and you'll be ambushed. Defeat the assassin and continue through the exit.

Talk to Lew Klisan again, go through his dialogue and you'll get his Notes on the Guilds, which details when you can join up with some of them. Also be sure to try and get down to 50 gold or less and with less than 5000xp for some extra cash.

Though it looks like the nearby gates may be locked, when you get near they'll open. Head through and explore if you want. Go right to the Bounty Hunter's guild, join up for 3k and take a look at the stuff available for you there. Also then head left to the School of Gloom to see what they have as well. Go down the ramp to the Mercenary Guild and see who's available. Here's the list:
  • Sirius Dark, Undead $20k, +3 Atk, +1 Morale to Undead. Comes with slots for Weapon, Armor, Helm, and Belt/Regalia.

  • Lucius, Demon $5k, 100% Atk & Def of Dryads, Forest and Lake Faires, and Demonesses. Comes with slots for Weapon, Armor/Dress, Belt/Gloves, and Artifact.

  • Almaran, Human $5k, Doubles chance of crit vs Demons/Undead. Comes with slots for Weapon, Armor, Shield/Gloves, and Regalia.

  • Kulukhan, Orc $10k, +1 Initiative and Speed of Orcs. Comes with slots for Weapon/Shield, Shield, Belt/Regalia, and Artifact.

  • Captain Kidd, Human $20k, +300 leadership, +1 Speed and Morale to Pirates and Sea Dogs. Comes with slots for Weapon, Armor, Boots, and Regalia/Artifact.

  • Thorburn, Dwarf $15k, +20% Crit Chance to Archers. Comes with slots for Weapon, Helmet, Belt/Gloves, and Boots.

  • Illiar, Elf $35k, +4 int, special: restores mana after battle. Comes with slots for Shield/Gloves, Dress, Belt/Regalia, and Artifact.
And these are his special warriors:
  • Artang, Orc $40k, +3 Def, +1 Initiative and Speed to Humans, special: calls random orc or troll troop to arena up to 1/2 leadership. Slots include Weapon/Shield, Helmet, Armor, and Belt/Gloves.

  • Hagrid, Dwarf $15k, +50% health to Thorns/Ents, +10% resist all to Thorns/Ents, special: summon random plant (also resurrects plants, not shown). Slots include Helmet, Weapon, Belt/Gloves, and Artifact.

  • Amber, Human $25k, +1 Initiative and +50% damage to Assassins, +10% crit chance to all troops. Slots include Weapon, Armor, Boots, and Belt/Gloves.

  • Torre, Dwarf $30k, +50% damage to spell 'Lightning', +5 Defense to all mages, special: summons Sound of Lightning for 9 rounds to attack a random enemy. Gets continuously weakened. Slots include Regalia, Armor/Dress, Belt/Gloves, and Boots.
And that rounds out the mercenaries.

Use the guide above to determine what combination you want and whether you can afford one at the moment, then head to the troop supply buildings and Lew Klisan to stock up on your first armor. When you've bought your first set of troops, speak with Ricoeur near the arena entrance to fight your first battle, against the giant Turtle, who has 3000 hp on Normal difficulty.

Head through the open gates and you'll automatically start up a conversation with Jock the Announcer. This time you won't have a choice who to fight but each of the next times you visit Ricoeur, you can let him choose (he'll choose the next highest level boss for you) or you can pick any of them.

More Useful Info:
  • In order, the bosses are Turtle (lvl 10, 3000hp on Normal), Spider (lvl 15, 6000hp), Toad (lvl 20, 14000hp), Lizard Lord (lvl 25, 20000hp), Kraken (lvl 30, 12000hp per tentacle), Driller (lvl 35, 5000hp for first stage, 10000hp for second, 20000hp for third), Gremlion (lvl 40, 40000hp), Champion of the Arena (lvl 50, 66600hp). These are the exact same boss fights from the campaigns (Champion = Bhaal) so if you've done those, you'll know what to expect.

  • Many of the race guilds have a main quest (to defeat a boss). Once you do, the leader of that race will upgrade their troops. Consider who you ally with because some factions do not like others and will ban you.

  • The Dwarfs (Clan of Mechgard) and Orcs (Great Haltyk) ask that you destroy Driller (lvl 35) for their reward. The Humans (School of Tristan) want you to take down the Kraken (lvl 30). The Elves (The Fellowship of the Maple Leaf) want you to destroy K'Tahu (lvl 25). The Lizardman (Children of the Swamp) and Demons of Kaab do not have a quest. The Veterans Guild quest is that you die to become an official member.

  • Talking to Lew Klisan near the Arena you can get the Notes on the Guilds, which defines the entry requirements - usually how many victories you need before gaining entry. Each race's area has a few buildings where you can units of that type, and as stated above, when you complete tasks for some guilds, their troops and items are upgraded so that's useful to do.

  • As mentioned above, in between boss fights, partake in the bounty hunter quests for money and xp. In order they are Altair the Assassin (lvl 12, $25k), General Artes (lvl 17, $40k), Piriya the Fire Mage (lvl 23, $50k), Glasiera the Ice Mage (lvl 28, $60k), Ventor the Mage Teleportation Specialist (lvl 33, $75k), Metamorph the Shapeshifting Mage (lvl 42, $100k), and Necromonger the Necromance (lvl 45, $150k).
Good luck!!


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