The Marksman
As highly trained ex-military operatives, these long-range specialists know their weaponry and are highly adaptable to any combat situation. This lethal combination ensures that they are inflicting the most damage possible in any given situation.

While the Marksman might seem a little weak in their early levels, the blood, sweat, and tears you'll shed to achieve the later levels in your career are well worth it. With a variety of potent skills and an arsenal of powerful weapons at their disposal (Hu's Hypershot and Dunbar's Disruptor, for example), Marksmen can lay waste to the Demon hordes quickly, efficiently, and, often times, from a safe distance. As a result, the Marksman is one of the most popular classes in the game.
Marksman Skill Advancement

Level 1: Explosive Grenade, Rapid Fire (E1), Tactical Stance (D1)

Level 5: Beacon (B1), Escape (F1), Napalm Strike, Rebounder Rounds, Sniper (C1)

Level 10: Dead Eye (A1), Overshield (D2), Phase Grenade

Level 15: Elemental Beacon (B2), Heightened Senses (E2), Ravager Rounds, Smackdown

Level 20: Elemental Vision (D3), Escape Artist (F2), Toxic Grenade, Weapon Master (A2)

Level 25: Concussion Rounds, Controlled Burst (E3), Master Sniper (C2), Shock and Awe

Level 30: Flashcrasher Grenade, Multi Beacon (B3), Multishot (A3)