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Adds 1 Rank to All Blademaster Skills
Adds 1 Rank to All Engineer Skills
Adds 1 Rank to All Evoker Skills
Adds 1 Rank to All Guardian Skills
Adds 1 Rank to All Marksman Skills
Adds 1 Rank to All Summoner Skills
Adds 1 Rank to a Single Skill
Adds 2 Ranks to a Single Skill
Adds 3 Ranks to a Single Skill
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Increases Critical Chance Bonus
Increases Critical Chance Multiplier
Increases Critical Damage Bonus
Increases Damage to Beasts
Increases Damage to Demons
Increases Damage to Necros
Increases Damage to Spectrals
Increases Electricity Damage
Increases Fire Damage
Increases Physical Damage
Increases Spectral Damage
Increases Toxic Damage
Increases Overall Damage
Increases Firing Accuracy
Increases Weapon Accuracy
Increases Health Regeneration
Increases Power Regeneration
Increases Hit Points
Increases Power Points
Increases Ignite Attack Strength
Increases Phase Attack Strength
Increases Poison Attack Strength
Increases Shock Attack Strength
Increases Stun Attack Strength
Increases Ignite Defense
Increases Phase Defense
Increases Poison Defense
Increases Shock Defense
Increases Stun Defense
Increases Luck
Increases Melee Speed
Increases Movement Speed
Increases Minion Armor
Increases Minion Damage
Increases Minion Health
Increases Missile Speed
Increases Range
Increases Splash Damage Radius
Increases Total Armor Value


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