Damage Symbols Enemy Symbols Equipment Symbols
Do critical damage to an enemy Kill a beast enemy (e.g. a fellbore) Find a piece of armor
Do electric damage to an enemy Kill a demon enemy (e.g. an imp) Find an enhanced (or better) item
Do fire damage to an enemy Kill a necro enemy (e.g. a zombie) Find a melee weapon
Do physical damage to an enemy Kill a spectral enemy (e.g. a defiler) Find a weapon mod
Do spectral damage to an enemy Find a ranged weapon
Do toxic damage to an enemy


When playing Hellgate: London, you might notice three symbols with numbers in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. These symbols and numbers represent a "secret" mini-game that you can play while playing the regular game.

Basically, what you'll need to do in the mini-game is reduce each of the three numbers to zero. To do that, you'll have to perform the activities indicated by the symbols. The meaning of the symbols is shown in the table at the top of the page.

An example of the mini-game.
As an example, if you see the symbols shown in the insert to the right, then to complete the mini-game you'll need to attack 20 enemies with physical damage, kill 10 necro enemies, and pick up 5 pieces of armor. It's possible to get credit for multiple symbols at once. Once again using the example in the insert, if you kill a necro and use physical damage in the process, then you'll reduce both of the first two numbers.

If you reduce all three numbers to zero, then 4-5 pieces of equipment will appear next to your character. This is analogous to killing a (lesser) boss demon in the game. The mini-game will then reset, allowing you to play again.


When Hellgate: London was released, the mini-game reset each time you started a session, allowing you re-start your game until you found a "favorable" configuration. But now the mini-game is saved between sessions, and you can't use this loophole.

Because of the above change, a symbol for completing quests was removed from the mini-game (otherwise, players who had completed the campaign wouldn't have had any way to keep playing the mini-game). That means, if you're playing an unpatched version of the game, you might see a symbol not in our list.

For damage symbols, you can also get credit by receiving damage of the particular type. However, it won't count if the damage only hurts your shields. It has to hit you, which means it (hopefully) won't happen very often.

To have an easier time completing the mini-game, you should either keep multiple weapons with different types of damage, or use mods on your weapons so they inflict multiple damage types.