The Blademaster
Blademasters are aggressive, high-damage melee fighters who come into their own when wielding two weapons and inflicting pain with sharp objects. They are often seen running to the front of a battle and causing havoc in spurts, allowing others with ranged weaponry to deal damage from afar and in relative safety.

Blademasters can dish out some serious pain on the Demon hordes with the right blades (a pair of Hikida's Lamentations, for example) and regular use of the Sword of Justice or Sword of Reckoning skills. However, because they're typically going toe-to-toe with the Demons without any extra defense from a shield, Blademasters tend to take a lot more damage during combat than any of the other five classes. As a result, you'll need to focus on increasing your Armor rating to avoid spending too much of your hard-earned Palladium on health injectors.
Blademaster Skill Advancement

Level 1: Surge of Restoration (A1), Sword of Justice (F1), Sword of Reckoning (D1, E1)

Level 5: Aura of Power, Charge (E2), Heaven's Arc, Matched Blades

Level 10: Call of the Chosen (B1), Crosscutter (C1), Surge of Wrath (A2), Sweeping Strike (F2)

Level 15: Aura of Deflection (G1), Aura of the Elements, Surge of Speed (A3), Sword of Authority (D2)

Level 20: Angelic Orator (B2), Onslaught (E3), Sword Master (C2), Thorns

Level 25: Aura of Vengeance (G2), Aura of Zeal, Hamper (D3), Surge Mastery (A4)

Level 30: Path of Righteousness (E4), Sword Typhoon (C3), Whirlwind (F3)