The Engineer
Technologically adept, Engineers apply their knowledge of theoretical science and practical engineering to build Drones, Bots and Weapons. Whether focusing on controlling numerous smaller devices or building up a single, highly advanced combat machine, they provide fantastic firepower against the Demons.

The Engineer differs from the Summoner in one significant way - his primary minion, the Drone, earns attribute points and can utilize a vast majority of the weapons and armor in the game (if the Engineer has the appropriate skills). This makes the Drone an Engineer's best friend and most crucial component to keeping him alive. To complement his minion's damage, an Engineer will typically make use of proper skill-enhancing weapons (such as Gunny's Mistress) or go with something solely designed for damage output (such as Dunbar's Disruptor).
Engineer Skill Advancement

Level 1: Construct Drone (E1, F1, G1, H1), Inhibitor Bots (C1), Tactical Stance (A1)

Level 5: Beacon (B1), Medpak Retrofit (G2), Repair Drone (H2), Rocket Bot (D1)

Level 10: Concussive Crash (C2), Gun Retrofit (E2, F2), Rapid Fire (A2), Smackdown

Level 15: Armor Retrofit (H3), Escape (B2), Molotov Assault (D2), Tactical Mode (E3)

Level 20: Haste Bot (C3), Shield Generator Retrofit (G3), Shock and Awe, Sword Retrofit (F3)

Level 25: Advanced Tactical Mode (E4), Bomber Bot (D3), Master Engineer (H4), Phase Grenade

Level 30: Gyroblade (F4), Nanobots (C4), Napalm Strike