The Evoker
Evokers manipulate storms of condensed supernatural fury by funneling raw power into damage-amplifying Focus items. They commonly alternate between spells and Focus items to effectively stun, burn, poison, shock, and phase their enemies.

The choice of Focus items for your Evoker should not be taken lightly, as they play a significant role in determining the damage of your spells (consider the massive increase in damage from a Slipnaught, for example). Each Focus type (Core, Locus, Radiant, and Mutentacle) has its own particular advantage, so consider each one carefully as your Evoker rises in power.
Evoker Skill Advancement

Level 1: Firestorm (C1), Spectral Bolt (D1), Word of Fear

Level 5: Brom's Curse (A1), Demonspine (F1), Drain Power (B1), Dual Focus, Venomous Spirit (G1)

Level 10: Arcane Shield, Bone Shards (F2), Lightning Field (E1), Spectral Lash (D2)

Level 15: Drain Life (B2), Flameshards (C2), Summon Ember, Venom Armor (G2)

Level 20: Blink, Concentrate Damage, Elemental Drain (B3), Skullsplitter (F3), Tempest (E2)

Level 25: Afterlife (A2), Spectral Curse, Spectral Lash Mastery (D3), Swarm (G3)

Level 30: Arc Legion (E3), Hellfire (C3)