Nether Magic (MMXII)
Spell Name Spell Level Min Char Level Cast Time Cool- down Description
Fear 1 1 0 30s Afflicts a group of nearby monsters with Fear, making them easier to hit, less effective in combat, and indecisive in their actions. Requires a Bat Wing.
Soften 1 1 0 30s Reduces the defense of the target, making it easier to hit. Requires a Snake Skin.
Summon Rats 1 2 1.5s 1m Summons a group of rats to fight alongside the caster. Requires a Rat Tail.
Bloodstrike 2 3 0 10s Drains an enemy at close range and returns half of the damage as health to the caster. Requires a Vulture Beak.
Weaken 2 4 0 30s Makes a group of monsters much less effective in combat by reducing their damage. Requires Ochre Pollen.
Pain Sting 2 5 1s 12s Blasts a monster with a painful, damaging bolt. Requires a Scorpion Tail.
Summon Wolves 2 6 1.5s 1m Summons a pack of wolves to fight alongside the caster. Requires a Wolf Mane.
Locust Swarm 3 7 0 20s Calls forth a cloud of locusts that focus on the target and attack it. Requires Putrid Flesh.
Slow 3 8 0 20s Slows a group of monsters, making them slower to move and attack. Requires Grinnich Weed.
Summon Undead 3 9 2s 1m Summons a group of skeletons to fight alongside the caster. Requires a Deadman Hair.
Nether Blast 4 10 0.75s 15s One of the only direct damage spells in the Nether Magic school. Requires Brimstone Powder.
Poison 4 12 0 30s Poisons a single enemy. Requires a Spider Yolk.
Summon Beast 4 13 2s 1m Summons a mighty borloth or crawler to fight alongside the caster. Requires a Borloth Horn.
Blade of Baal 5 15 0 10m Enchants the caster's readied melee weapon with an unholy blue fire, increasing his strike and damage, and setting the targets he hits ablaze. Requires Diamond Dust.
Gripping Vines 5 17 0 30s Causes a cage of thorny vines to spring up from the ground, immobilizing the target creature. Requires a Mordis Vine.
Summon Haunt 5 18 2s 1m Summons a ghost to fight alongside the caster. Requires a Raven Claw.
Poison Cloud 6 20 1.5s 1m Creates a cloud of poison gas that does moderate gas damage to monsters, causing them to choke and inflicting them with poison. Requires an Ophelia Wort.
Berserk 6 22 0 2m Enchants the caster with greatly increased damage, but also reduces his defense and makes him unable to block. Requires Blood Nectre.
Summon Guardian 6 23 2s 1m Summons a minotaur to fight alongside the caster. Requires Bone Dust.
Sleep 7 25 1.5s 1m Puts a group of monsters to sleep.
Summon Giant 7 27 2s 1m Summons a huge troll to fight alongside the caster.
Hate 8 30 Makes all nearby enemies fly into a rage and attack the target.
Summon Fiend 8 33 Summons a wraith or lesser demon to fight alongside the caster.
Drain Life 9 35 Drains health out of the target creature and uses it to increase the health of the caster.
Summon Assassin 9 37
Possession 10 Attempts to take control of the target creature, causing it to fight alongside the caster.
Summon Cacodemon 10