Celestial Magic
Spell Level Type Description
Healing 1 Instant Restores Health to the caster.
Peace 1 Instant Puts target enemy to sleep.
Dispel Undead 2 Instant Damages a single undead creature.
Divine Radiance 2 Instant Temporarily reduces damage taken by the caster.
Vision 2 Instant Temporarily enhances the caster's mapping ability.
Silence 3 Instant Temporarily renders the target unable to cast spells.
Solar Ray 3 Ready Beams of light shoot out from the caster's fingertips, damaging any enemies within the beam.
Time 3 Instant Slows down time, allowing players to more carefully gauge their enemies actions.
Unpetrify 3 Instant Removes paralyzing effects such as hold, freeze, sleep, or vines from the caster.
Blink 4 Instant Temporarily enchants the caster so he teleports to a nearby location instead of blocking.
Dispel Evil 4 Instant Damages a group of undead, demons, or shadow creatures.
Restoration 4 Instant Restores the caster to full health.
Ward of Fire 4 Instant Enchants the caster with protection against fire.
Lightning 5 Ready Lightning erupts from the caster's fingertips, electrocuting his enemies.
Radiant Heal 5 Instant Heals the caster and all of his allies.
Resurrection 5 Instant If the caster has at least one charge of Resurrection, he can revive himself (or an ally) to full health and negate attribute loss to the revived character.
Prismatic Rays 6 Instant Multicolored rays spew from the caster's fingertips, inflicting a variety of negative effects upon his enemies.
Air 6 Instant Allows the caster to breathe underwater and protects him from choking gas.
Purify 6 Instant Cures poison and some other detrimental effects.
Divine Strike 6 Instant Enchants the caster's attacks, increasing his damage against undead, demons, and creatures of shadow.
Divine Cure 7 Instant Restores the caster to full health and removes poison and other negative effects.
Ward of Ice 7 Instant Enchants the caster with protection from ice.
Blessed Spirit 7 Instant Calls forth a Blessed Spirit that will heal the caster and his allies.
Regeneration 8 Instant Greatly increase the speed at which the caster naturally recovers health, allowing his wounds to mend quickly.
Ward of Petrification 8 Instant Enchants the caster with protection from immobilizing effects, such as sleep, vines, paralyzation and being frozen.
Divine Intervention 9 Instant Summons a Battle Spirit that will fight alongside the caster.
Divine Grace 10 Instant Caster becomes temporarily immune to all damage.