Crystal Magic (MMXII)
Spell Name Spell Level Min Char Level Cast Time Cool- down Description
Heal 1 1 0 0 Restores a small amount of health to the caster.
Pacify 1 1 1s 1m Puts target enemy to sleep.
Shadowstrike 2 2 0 30s A short-range spell that damages a single enemy.
Mystic Vision 2 3 0 0 Temporarily enhances the caster's mapping ability.
Dispel Undead 2 4 0 10s Damages a single undead creature.
Solar Ray 3 5 0 10s Beams of light shoot out from the caster's fingertips, damaging any enemies within the beam.
Unbind 3 6 0 2m Removes paralyzing effects such as hold, freeze, sleep, or vines from the caster.
Call of Spirit 3 7 1.5s 5m Summons a spirit to heal the caster during battle.
Divine Strike 4 8 0 2.5m Enchants the caster's attacks, increasing his damage against undead, demons, and creatures of shadow.
Greater Heal 4 10 0 0 Restores a large amount of health to the caster.
Unpoison 4 12 0 2m Cures the caster of poison effects.
Lightning Bolt 5 15 0 30s Lightning erupts from the caster's fingertips, electrocuting a single enemy.
Radiant Heal 5 17 2s 0 Heals the caster and all of his allies.
Breath of Air 6 20 0 0 Allows the caster to breathe underwater and protects him from choking gas.
Regeneration 6 22 0 2m Greatly increases the speed at which the caster naturally recovers health, allowing his wounds to mend quickly.
Dispel Evil 7 25 0 2m Damages a group of undead, demons, or shadow creatures.
Levitation 7 27 Allows the caster to float over land and water.
Call of Shadow 7 28
Time Warp 8 30 Slows down time, allowing players to more carefully gauge their enemies actions.
Silence 8 32 Temporarily renders the target unable to cast spells.
Divine Cure 8 33 Restores the caster to full health and removes poison and other negative effects.
Ward of Fire 9 35 Enchants the caster with protection against fire.
Ward of Ice 9 36 Enchants the caster with protection from ice.
Ward of Earth 9 37 Enchants the caster with protection from immobilizing effects, such as sleep, vines, paralyzation and being frozen.
Call of Divine 10