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The Wizard
The Wizard
Beginning Stats
Level: 5
Strength: 11 Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 11
Hit Points: 30 Mystical Will: 55

She had been raised in Baele, the daughter of two good elven wizards. Like her parents, she was trained with her staff but even more adept with her magic, and she readily accompanied those seeking adventure.

Naturally, she had heard of the Wizard Kaedin. Any wizard who was any wizard had heard of him. He was a recluse, known to be among the most powerful in the land, and had anyone asked her, she might have even conceded that she once longed to be like him, to wield such powerful magic. But that was before Kaedin showed the darkness of his heart.

Some in her guild declared him mad, others thought him a greedy interloper, but no one expected him to become an outright savage. In the midst of an otherwise peaceful day, he came down from his castle and destroyed a nearby village, and on its heels, he laid waste to another.

The Clerics of Pelor feared for Baele and gathered all the Kingdom's casters before them. Wizards, sorcerers, druids, clerics, bards and even a few paladins and rangers crowded the market square.

"If your power be equal to that of Kaedin, bring yourself forward." Not a soul moved. They asked again for someone willing to face Kaedin. None stepped forth.

To this day, she cannot explain what happened next. Was it the god Corellon Larethian's hand at her back or her good training? Her small feet stepped forth. Hundreds of casters, her friends and peers, looked on. Although she knew that many could match or even better her skills, apparently not one could match her courage. She had chosen to face a wizard she once revered.

Now over 150 years passed, in this life, she confidently steps forward again.