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The Fighter
The Fighter
Beginning Stats
Level: 5
Strength: 14 Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 13 Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 12
Hit Points: 55 Mystical Will: 30

Far north of Baele across the Nelsansian Sea, a young fighter lost his father to death in battle on the island of Axion.

He would hear the tale with thanks for years to come: how his father had engaged a fierce Nightwalker, and holding it at bay, allowed 34 warriors to escape safely into the night, losing his own life in the effort. The gratitude of the survivors and their families made a great impression upon the boy, and deeply rooted his conviction that evil must be stopped at all costs, even if that cost is life itself.

Taking one of his father's prized swords, he set out for the Kingdom of Baele to train with its renowned Armed Guard, but it would be many years before he arrived. Barely a week away from home, he was asked to join a group of elven adventurers. Knowing their cause to be good and their need for help to be great, he readily agreed to accompany them.

The elves were to be the first in a long line of people seeking his assistance, none of whom he could bear to turn away. Fighting alongside dwarves, halflings, elves, and gnomes, he watched and learned, and driven by a deep devotion, he perfected the art of melee combat and became a disciplined shot with thrown weapons. As the years passed, he became the land's toughest, fastest, and most revered fighter, and some said that his skill with a sword approached magic.

When at last he arrived in Baele, nearly nine years after he left his home, his skill was beyond those that he had hoped to learn from, yet his timing could not have been better. Baele needed Heroes to defeat a Wizard bent on the Kingdom's destruction. Sword in hand, he stood ready.

Now, raised from the dead over 150 years later, he will be a Hero again.