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The Cleric
The Cleric
Beginning Stats
Level: 5
Strength: 14 Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 17 Charisma: 10
Hit Points: 50 Mystical Will: 45

As a proficient healer and capable combatant, he was a prized member of many an adventuring party throughout the dwarven lands of Savoneer. A Cleric of the god Moradin, his home was at the altar and in battle, delivering his god's will through his magic and mighty war hammer.

It was a simple quest that brought him to Baele more than 150 years ago. The evil Duergars, who had failed to learn their lesson despite the painful and numerous beatings he and his fellow good dwarves gave them, had recently raided an old dwarven woman's cottage and made off with a vase that caught their fancy. The vase, however, contained the ashes of the woman's husband. He chased the Duergars through swamp, muck, and mire all the way to the outskirts of Baele where at last he overpowered the leader and retrieved the vase.

Seeking a bit of celebratory drink, he headed into Baele proper and found an anxious village awaiting its own destruction. Patrons at the Dragon's Tankard told him of a Wizard named Kaedin who had already turned two villages to ruins. They feared Baele was next.

After doing his best to calm the nerves of those who sought his council, he set down his tankard, and began preparations for battle. He felt certain his arrival here in Baele had been Moradin's will all along, the vase but a ploy. Meeting with the Clerics of Baele, he offered his services in the name of Moradin wherever they should see fit to use him.

150 years later, Moradin's will has raised him again.