Shotgun - Try This! The shotgun is my personal favorite. At close range, it can easily take a Splicer down with one shot. Its ammunition and upgrades are some of the best in the game, too, making the weapon a good choice in almost any scenario. Combined with an immobilizing plasmid, the Shotgun will get you through virtually every encounter Rapture can throw at you without much of a fight.

Your first opportunity to pick up this weapon will be from the floor of the dental ward in the Medical Pavilion.


00 Buck 00 Buck
This basic buckshot for the shotgun provides a devastating blast at short range. Definitely an attention grabber.
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 48 and a load capacity of 4.

Electric Buck Electric Buck
Electric buckshot is particularly effective against targets vulnerable to electricity. Which is, well, everything.
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 24 and a load capacity of 4.

Exploding Buck Exploding Buck
This powerful buckshot explodes on contact with a target, dealing extra damage and sometimes setting them on fire. A personal favorite.
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 24 and a load capacity of 4.


Shotgun Rate of Fire Shotgun Rate of Fire
A steel gear accelerator increases the shotgun's rate of fire. An amazing upgrade that should be taken as soon as possible.

Shotgun Damage Increase Shotgun Damage Increase
A gas-assisted firing mechanism increases the shotgun's damage. Definitely one of the best upgrade choices in the game.