Crossbow - Try This! If accuracy comes natural for you, this will probably be your favorite weapon in the game. Any of the bolts you load into it will inflict a massive amount of damage to Rapture's denizens. The weapon's zoom function and the ability to recover some of its ammunition from the bodies of dead foes are nice perks, as well.

Your first opportunity to pick up this weapon will be after adding the first picture to Sander Cohen's masterpiece in Fort Frolic.


Steel-Tip Bolt Steel-Tip Bolt
These bolts fly true even at long ranges. Remember kiddies, aim for the head!
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 48 and a load capacity of 5.

Incendiary Bolt Incendiary Bolt
These bolts are particularly effective against targets vulnerable to fire. A personal favorite.
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 24 and a load capacity of 5.

Trap Bolt Trap Bolt
These ingenious bolts shoot out an electrified tripwire when fired into a wall. A potent defensive tool and great party gag!
This ammunition has a carry capacity of 24 and a load capacity of 5.


Crossbow Breakage Chance Crossbow Breakage Chance
An automatic tension adjuster greatly reduces the chance of bolts breaking on impact. Leave this upgrade for late in the game unless you like sniping opponents from a distance.

Crossbow Damage Increase Crossbow Damage Increase
A high-tensile bow increases the damage done by crossbow bolts. Take this upgrade as soon as it becomes available.