Cybernetic Upgrades
Cybernetic Arm Cybernetic Arm

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 15%.
Skills Unlocked: Magblade Mastery (C), Repair Microbots (E)
Location: Obtained in the Colonist Quarters.

Increases attack power by 5 and ammo capacity of all devices by 5. Required to wield cybernetic weapons.
Cybernetic Brain Cybernetic Brain

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 23%.
Skills Unlocked: Fan Barrage (C), Technical Mastery (E)
Location: Obtained in Ship Exterior Maintenance.

Increases critical strike chance for all attacks by 10%.
Cybernetic Chest Cybernetic Chest

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 17%.
Skills Unlocked: Cybernetic Batteries (E)
Location: Obtained in Ship Interior Maintenance.

Increases maximum Health by 100 and Energy by 250.
Cybernetic Eye Cybernetic Eye

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 4%.
Skills Unlocked: Critical Strikes (C), Critical Volatility (E), Overclocking (C)
Location: Obtained in the Atrium (as a quest reward).

Increases Attack Power by 10. Attack Power amplifies damage inflicted by weapons and combat abilities.
Cybernetic Hand Cybernetic Hand

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 9%.
Skills Unlocked: Battle Rush (C), Improved Fire Trap (E), Overclocking (C)
Location: Obtained in Life Support: Atmosphere.

Increases Magblade's critical strike damage by 50%.
Cybernetic Legs Cybernetic Legs

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 15%.
Skills Unlocked: Improved Drones (E), Lock Down (C)
Location: Obtained in Engine Maintenance.

Increases movement speed by 10%. Required to wield cybernetic weapons.
Cybernetic Spine Cybernetic Spine

Penalty: Reduces Humanity by 12%.
Skills Unlocked: Resistance (C), Synchronized Fortitude (E)
Location: Obtained in Coldsleep A.

Increases Energy recovery by 5% and duration of Shield ability by 3 seconds.