Quest: The Road to Murolosh

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You'll receive this quest from Rakorium at the end of the quest Prologue: The Adamantine Heart.


Rakorium will tell you that the Adamantine Heart is located somewhere beneath the dwarven city of Murolosh, but that to be allowed inside you'll need to get permission from the dwarves. To that end, he'll suggest that you speak with Duke Growin in the Ducal Citadel.

Duke Growin will inform you that he hasn't had much contact with the dwarves lately, and that you should speak with his best diplomat Gerlin, who recently left for Tallon. For learning Gerlin's whereabouts, you'll earn 20 experience points.

Tallon is located south of Ferdok. When you speak with Mayor Dipwidge there (#1), you'll learn that Gerlin recently stayed in the town, both at the inn and at Merchant Oakrich's house. Dipwidge won't know what Gerlin was up to, just that he was investigating something, but he'll add that Gerlin left for Prenn's Grove (#3) earlier that day. For learning this bit of information, you'll gain 100 experience points.

Before leaving Tallon, you might also want to talk to Merchant Oakrich (#2). He'll confirm that Gerlin stayed in his house, and he'll reveal that Gerlin was looking into one of Oakrich's ancestors, a man named Xindan, who suddenly became rich, but who was also rumored to have been involved in necromancy.

As you approach the monastery at Prenn's Grove (#3), you'll see a dragon swoop down and attack it, and then when you arrive, you'll find the area gutted by fire, much like Rattle Farm (#4). Arriving at the monastery will net you 50 experience points.

You'll meet some important people at the monastery, including Gerlin, Prince Arom, and Librarian Zorjan. Between them, you'll learn that the dragon is probably residing in the mountains to the west of Tallon (#6), and that to get to it, you'll need to acquire a key that was last seen in the possession of Xindan, who kept a laboratory in the cave to the northeast (Exit A).

Inside the cave, you'll have to defeat a whole bunch of emerald spiders and skeletons, but eventually you'll come to the necromancer Meredin (#5). Meredin will have some skeletons with him, but if you immediately retreat when the fight starts, then you'll be able to deal with the skeletons in one battle and Meredin in another, making things much easier. When Meredin dies you'll gain 60 experience points, and you'll automatically pick up the Breastplate of Fire and the Key to the Dwarf Tower.

When you travel to the tower (#6), you'll meet Arom out front, and he'll give you some Burn Salve. He'll also allow you to loot a chest containing some more Burn Salve, plus a few potions and a Dragonslayer's Helm. Then Arom and his dragonslayers will start following you. "Now this cursed dragon is in for it."

As you make your way past the tower, you'll encounter lots of harpies, but the battles shouldn't be particularly difficult. You'll also meet Archon Megalon again. If you're polite to him, then he'll make himself available as a shopkeeper, and you'll be able to buy a few potions and salves from him.

Eventually you'll come to the dragon Japhgur, who will immediately kill Arom's dragonslayers before turning on you. Japhur has a ton of hit points, and he can't be wounded, so you'll need to outlast him. You should divide up your Burn Salves so everybody has a few (and better yet, have one character in Iryan Armor), so you'll be able to ignore Japhgur's fire attacks. Arom won't have any salves or potions with him, so if you want him conscious for the entire fight, then you'll need to be quick to cast healing spells on him.

With enough salves and potions on your side, you'll eventually defeat Japhgur. When that happens, you'll earn 260 experience points, and you'll find several good items on Japhgur's corpse: Light Plate Armor, Plated Shoes, a Purple Wyrm Head, a Dragon Tooth, Dragon Sinew, Dragon Blood, a Wyrm Spear, and more. Arom will content himself with Japhgur's carbuncle (a gem containing the dragon's essence), and he'll let you keep the rest.

Note: If you take the Purple Wyrm Head to Caretaker Muddlemosh in Ardo's Residence in Ferdok, then he'll mount it above the front door, "so everyone knows you're a true dragonslayer."

After looting the dragon, when you approach Arom, he'll give you some more rewards: the Recipe for Dragon Draught, Instructions for Saber of the Wyrm, Instructions for Spear of the Wyrm, Instructions for Dragonslayer Crossbow, and Instructions for Dragonslayer Bow. Arom will also invite you to visit him in Murolosh, and when you meet with him in the throne room there, you'll gain 50 experience points and the quest will come to an end.

1 - Tavern

2 - Marketplace

3 - Penn's Grove

4 - Rattle Farm

5 - Meredin

6 - Dwarf Tower

  1. Entrance to the abandoned ore mines.




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