Well Cave

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This area is explored during the quest The Horror of High Hall and is accessed from the large stone door near the well in the High Hall, which would be #11 on this map.

Once down there, head to Kezzz first, follow the only way and then turning right, carefully jumping on the platforms to avoid falling into the lava. Kezz (#2) will taunt you and then teleport away, leaving you to collect the key and dragon skill book on the desk behind him. Now head back and continue straight until you reach an elevator (#3). Use the blue switch to take yourself to the lower level and open the door at #4 with your newly acquired key.

The chest at the end has a lever handle which you need to put in the slot near the lever. To continue further, just take yourself another level below. You'll meet Kezzz again and finally confront him. There's not a whole lot to collect around here, so just head to the final boss in this dungeon, Zagan (#5).

The fight takes while you're in the dragon form, so be prepared, it's one of the harder ones. Try to kill the nests first as soon as you can, as they spawn additional enemies as strong as Zagan. Then just try to avoid Zagan's attack, as its somewhat conal based and you can avoid it by moving right after he shoots. If you mindread him during the conversation, chest up top (#6) will yield additional rewards. Take the teleport outside and report to Beatrice.

1 - Entrance

2 - Key, Kezzz

3 - Elevator

4 - Locked Door, Lever Handle

5 - Zagan

6 - Teleport