Gromnir's Stronghold 2 (AR5002)

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1 - Gromnir's Throne Room

This is Gromnir's throne room, where you'll witness a conversation between Mellisan and Gromnir about his supposed madness. Melissan will be hauled away to a cell and Gromnir will attack you on sight. You'll be taking on the paranoid Bhaalspawn, his two Battle Mages (with Time Stop readied), a couple of warriors, an archer, and a thief who keeps guzzling Invisibility potions and backstabbing. I suggest taking out the Battle Mages first and then concentrate on Gromnir, followed by the remaining opposition.

Afterwards, Melissan will teleport in and cry out not to fight, although she's obviously too late. Even though she appears to be distraught over Gromnir's death, she will continue to tell you more about the Fire Giant siege, as well as the Bhaalspawn behind it, Yaga-Shura. She'll tell you that Yaga-Shura is seemingly invincible, but that you might find a way to defeat him in the North Forest or the Marching Mountains.

After learning this information, you can Pocket Plane back to the Abyssal Fortress and head to the North Forest to find Yaga-Shura, but first search through the corpses for some nice treasure. Gromnir drops the Ice Star +4, Roranach's Horn, as well as a few other items, and one of his henchman drops the Grandmaster's Armor +6.

If you'd like, you can continue upwards on the spiraling staircase to find Errard and his men defending the city from the Fire Giants.