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The Witcher 2 Characters - Yarpen Zigrin
Yarpen Zigrin Our friendship with Yarpen Zigrin stretches back a long time. It began during the famed hunt for the golden dragon, which not only was not caught, but also beat up its hunters. Those events were later described in one of my ballads, and anyone interested in the story should read it. Zigrin, like most of his kin, is characterized not only by his love of gold, but also by his bawdy sense of humor, sober outlook, pragmatism and loyalty to his friends. Geralt mentioned that he later met Yarpen and his lads'in his majesty's secret service", the majesty in question being Henselt of Kaedwen, for whom they were escorting a secret cargo. Though their own situation was not cheerful at all, they nevertheless aided the witcher, easily proving that a dwarf won't abandon a friend in need.