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The Witcher 2 Characters - Bernard Loredo
Bernard Loredo At the time of this story, Bernard Loredo was commandant of the town watch of the river port and trading post of Flotsam. He was well-suited to the position, amply demonstrating this through his brutal and heavy-handed approach to enforcing the law and meting out justice to the town. This boorish veteran of the Temerian army was perfectly happy with his posting to this backwoods, as he had turned the borderland settlement into a private fiefdom which he ruled through fear and might, passing and executing judgment at whim. I was exceptionally lucky to escape the noose back then. Despite my deepest desire to the contrary, it would not be the last time we saw Bernard Loredo.

In spite of maintaining a smokescreen of law and order in Flotsam, Loredo was as benevolent to nonhumans as Emperor Emhyr was to proponents of democracy. Given the slightest excuse, Bernard would have gladly rid the trading post and its environs of all who were not human, using any means available.

Much evidence suggested that Loredo was profiting heftily from his position through extortion, unlawful confiscation of goods and brazen bribetaking. He would enlist local goons to beat and intimidate all who were uncooperative, and this was very much the order of the day.

Loredo yearned for some spectacular success in his fight against the Scoia'tael. Though his prison barge was overcrowded already, capturing Iorveth remained his deepest desire.