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The Witcher 2 Characters - The Visionary
The Visionary During my travels I've seen many prophets, preachers of "divine truth" who frothed and gibbered foretellings about the end of the world, depravity of women, lechery of kings and rising taxes. The Visionary extolled the martyrdom and sanctity of Sabrina Glevissig, and these ideas had become the foundations of a local cult. Supposedly the sorceress' favor made him invulnerable and safe. However there was no way to decipher how much truth lay in his tales.

One theory to explain his invulnerability ascribed warding qualities to the suet used to make his candles. Indeed, their scent would keep even ghouls at bay.

There was a relatively simple explanation for his ardent faith. The Visionary was none other than Yahon, the soldier who had ended the sorceress' suffering by piercing her with a spear during the execution. That event had changed his life and guided him down the path to prophethood.