The Witcher Potions - White Raffard's Decoction
White Raffard's Decoction Effects: White Raffard's Decoction immediately restores a majority of lost Vitality.

Preparation: This potion is made by mixing ingredients providing one measure of vitriol, one measure of rebis and two measures of hydragenum in total; high-quality strong alcohol must be used as a base.

Duration: Instantaneous

Toxicity: High

White Raffard, a famous mage of times long past, developed a healing potion for the human warriors who conquered the new world for their race ages ago. Witchers have found new, more efficient ways to produce White Raffard's Decoction, using ingredients obtained from monsters. Classic witcher training suggests that the Swallow potion be consumed simultaneously, for White Raffard's Decoction is highly toxic.