The Witcher Potions - Werewolf's Wrath
Werewolf's Wrath Effects: When imbibed this mutagenic potion provides access to a special enhancement of the Dexterity attribute; this upgrade awakens a witcher's predatory instincts and increases his fighting abilities after dark.

Preparation: The potion is made by mixing werewolf fur with ingredients providing one measure each of aether, quebrith, hydragenum and vermilion; a base of strong, high-quality alcohol is also required.

Duration: Instantaneous

Toxicity: None

It was determined ages ago that a potion containing the fur of a werewolf could strengthen a witcher's mutations and augment his predatory instincts. Opponents of this potion's use argued that it made witchers similar to monsters. As a result, use of Werewolf's Wrath was restricted, though few objected since acquiring the beasts' fur is risky business.