The Witcher Potions - Petri's Philter
Petri's Philter Effects: Petri's Philter increases the intensity of all the witcher Signs.

Preparation: The potion is made by mixing ingredients providing one measure each of quebrith, hydragenum and vermilion, and two measures of rebis; concentrated, high quality alcohol must be used as a base.

Duration: Long

Toxicity: Very High

Throughout his life, the mage Petri sought a way to strengthen his magical powers. He failed in this endeavor, but several interesting potions came about through his attempts. One of these, known as Petri's Philter, is useful to witchers with magical skills. Witchers who prefer hand-to-hand combat rarely use Petri's Philter, however, especially since it is highly toxic and thus renders the use of any other potions impossible.