The Witcher Potions - Kikimore's Ire
Kikimore's Ire Effects: When imbibed this mutagenic potion provides access to a special enhancement of the Stamina attribute; this upgrade allows a witcher to consume raw monster parts, restoring lost Vitality, but also raising his level of body Toxicity.

Preparation: The potion is made by mixing the nerve of a kikimore queen with ingredients providing one measure each of vitriol, quebrith, hydragenum and vermilion; a base consisting of a strong, high-quality alcohol is also required.

Duration: Instantaneous

Toxicity: None

Kikimore queens' unique nervous systems inspired renegade mages to develop this strong mutagenic potion. The potion causes changes in the ventral cavity and also prompts production of mutated digestive enzymes. Broad use of the potion was curtailed due to the scarcity of its core ingredient.