Ichor of Intoxication
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.


This substance is a colorless syrup found in half- ounce vials. It can be mixed with a liquid, applied to food, or simply ingested straight. The ichor dries when exposed to air, hardening in 1 turn.

When a vial of the fluid is consumed, the user becomes greatly intoxicated within 1 round (see effects below). If more is then consumed, the user becomes comatose from the excess. A half-vial produces mild intoxication, but lesser doses have little or no effect.

One vial of ichor can be used to treat one apple-sized foodstuff (about 10 square inches of area) or any beverage.

Effects of intoxication are summarized below. Note that all modifiers are penalties except for those affecting NPC Bravery and Morale. Recovery from intoxication simply requires time, and (if a Comatose condition results) sleep. The times needed are 2-4 hours for Mild, 4-6 hours for Great, and 7-10 hours for Comatose.

Mild Great
Strength 0 0
Intelligence -3 -6
Wisdom -4 -7
Dexterity -2 -5
Constitution 0 0
Charisma -1 -4
"To hit" rolls -1 -5
Saving throws +1 +5
Bravery* +2 +4
Morale* +10% +15%

* NPCs only