Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.


This hefty steel broadsword bears a mighty enchantment. It was originally fashioned for a demigod of elsewhen, and eventually passed into the WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Setting. It served well for a short time, all too soon falling into the hands of the minions of Chaotic Evil. It has been in their grasp for a decade or more, resting in hiding in the Temple of Elemental Evil, guarded by the worst of elemental grues. Fragarach means "The Answerer."

The sword is of Chaotic Good alignment. Any Lawful creature trying to grasp it takes 1-6 points of damage and falls senseless for 1-10 rounds. A Neutral creature holding it takes only 1-3 points and swoons for 1-4 rounds. In evil hands, Fragarach has no "to hit" bonus whatsoever; in Chaotic Neutral hands, it will strike but one opponent per round. The sword functions perfectly only for a Chaotic Good user. In such hands, its + 4 bonus always operates, and it will strike as many opponents unerringly as have struck at its possessor. Fragarach always hits all such targets, the + 4 pertaining to additional damage only. Note, however, that The Answerer always strikes last in a melee round. Against evil opponents, the bonus doubles (to + 8) whenever a natural 20 is rolled for "to hit" determination.

The sword has a hilt of silver and gold wire, most cunningly wrought. Its guard and pommel are set with perfect emeralds (corundum)—7 gems, total value 65,000 gp. Its scabbard is likewise trimmed with precious metal and decorated with many gems of green and golden hue, worth another 35,000 gp.


When Fragarach first came to this world, it received immediate attention and quick renown; so much so, in fact, that six other swords like it were forged and enchanted. These are lesser weapons, of course, and their alignments vary. Each has a + 2 bonus (and cannot hit opponents struck only by + 3 or better weapons). On a natural "to hit" roll of 1, no bonus applies; on a natural 20, like their predecessor, the bonus is doubled (to + 4). These lesser swords are identified by the differing gems set in guard and pommel. They are reported to be amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot, topaz, and tourmaline stones, with combined value of about 24,000 gp per weapon, 16,000 gp per scabbard. These weapons are named Rebutter, Scather, Replier, Retorter, Squelcher, and Back-Talker, in honor of Fragarach.