Wand of a Wonder
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.


Quite similar to its cousin, the ever-popular wand of wonder, this item produces strange and unpredictable results for users of any class or type. The exact effect produced in any single use is determined by a random 1d100 roll, with reference to the following chart. The wand uses 1 charge per function. It may not be recharged. Allow saving throws wherever applicable, vs. wands unless the effect suggests another category. The wand performs at 6th level of experience, as is normal for such devices, and all physical changes produced (growths, polymorphs, etc.) are dispellable at normal chances.

01-02: Target loses all hair, fur, or feathers.

03-07: Pit 10' deep (any necessary width) opens under target's feet.

08-09: Target gains + 1 bonus "to hit" for the next 3 rounds.

10-11: 100 small bats appear, swarm around the wielder's head for one round, then flit away.

12-13: Target grows wings, arms, or tentacles.

14-15: Cage of heavy iron bars (10' x 10' x 10') surrounds the wielder.

16-17: Each piece of headgear within 20 feet (including helmets) changes to a skullcap topped by a bladed device, the blades turning in any breeze.

18-22: Target's color turns to hot pink.

23-25: All gold within 10 feet of the wielder turns to lead.

26-29: Target is covered with a thick layer of honey.

30-32: In each of the next 5 rounds, 2-8 sp shoot forth from each of the wielder's ears.

33-34: Target is garbed in a beautiful, well-tailored, embroidered silk coat (2,000 gp value, but magical and dispellable).

35-39: Target is pofymorphed into a giant rabbit (as the polymorph other spell; check for mental change).

40-41: Target grows a large moustache in 1 round (possibly with goatee).

42-43: Thousands of horseflies fill the area within 30 feet of the wielder, interfering with concentration and preventing spell casting and combat. They remain for 5-20 turns but will not leave the area except to follow honey.

44-48: Target is affected by Otto's irresistible dance for 3 rounds (no saving throw).

49-52: Stream of acid shoots out to 10' range. inflicting 3-24 points of damage (as if dragon breath; save for half damage).

53-55: Band instruments appear between the wielder and the target. They play loudly and march back and forth for 3-6 rounds, as if used by invisible musicians, then vanish. Anyone trying to interfere takes 2-12 points of damage and is hurled back 10 feet.

56-57: Tree grows under the wielder, lifting to the ceiling or 50' height, whichever is less.

58-62: One hundred dead and putrid fish rain down within 30 ' of the wielder.

63-68: Target glows for 5 rounds (as if double-intensity faerie fire), but thereafter the wielder vanishes (invisible, not dispellable) for 2-5 rounds.

69-70: The sound of bells rings forth from the wand, drowning out all noise and speech for 2-5 rounds.

71-75: Dispel magic effect on everything within 20 feet of the wand, as if an 11th level caster.

76-77: Wielder is polymorphed into a mule-centaur.

78-84: Monster summoning IV spell effect, as if cast by the wand wielder.

85-86: Target gains 3-12 (3d4) hit points, which remain for 6 turns (not dispellable; damage taken is first removed from added hit points).

87-90: Wielder floats 10 feet up (as if feather failed in reverse gravity), hovers for 3-6 rounds, then drops suddenly.

91-95: Eight fiery spheres of different hues shoot forth at 1-segment intervals, striking the target and seemingly causing great amounts of damage (actually only 1 point from each}.

96-99: All weapons held in hand within 30 feet turn into bunches of flowers.

00: Death ray at target (6" maximum range).