System:TarisPopulation:Six Billion
Terrain:UrbanImports:Food, Raw Resources
Species:HumanExports:Tarisian Ale

Taris Located on the Outer Rim, in the very fringes of Republic space, the grandeur of the city- world of Taris was once said to rival the galactic capital of Coruscant itself. But the glory of ancient Taris has long since faded, and much of the once magnificent metropolis has fallen into ruin and disrepair.

The rich and powerful have segregated themselves in the Upper City, dwelling in the highest reaches of the towering skyscrapers that dominate the planet's landscape. Here the nobility surround themselves with the trappings of prosperity, oblivious to the suffering of those who are forced to dwell far below them.

Descending into the slums of the Lower City, the signs of urban decay become undeniable. Filth and refuse litter the streets, and burned out vehicles and shattered windows serve as stark reminders of the violent wars of the swoop gangs vying for control. Citizens of the Lower City - non-human aliens and those not born into the privileged classes of society - struggle to survive amidst the permacrete wasteland, clinging to the small hope that they may one day escape their grim and violent surroundings.

But at least those in the Lower City have hope. For those banished beneath the planet's surface the Outcasts all hope is gone. Those driven into the dark and sunless world of the Undercity must band together in small villages in a wretched, never-ending struggle to survive. Starvation and disease claim many, and the rakghouls - mutated, flesh-eating monsters who dwell in the sewers beneath Taris - claim even more.

Above all this misery, the Upper City shines and the nobility live a life of wealth and comfort. But even they are vulnerable, for Taris is located far from the protection of the Galactic Core and the Republic fleet. And the Sith Armada has taken notice.