System:DantooinePopulation:Two Million
Terrain:Grasslands, SteppesImports:Technology and Luxury Items
Species:Human ColonistsExports:Foodstuffs

Dantooine An olive, blue and brown-colored world, Dantooine is far removed from the bustle of the galactic trade routes. Two moons float in the skies above while herds of livestock and simple balloon-like creatures roam empty steppes and savannas of lavender grasses. Separated by forests of spiky blba trees, colonists maintain individual family estates largely isolated from each other. Population density remains one of the lowest of the Republic settled worlds. A small spaceport handles new arrivals and an outpost of Aratech Corporation arranges most of the imports for local merchants.

The most notable feature of Dantooine is the Jedi academy, originally founded by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. For generations now it has served to train promising Jedi Padawans, with several dozen students in attendance at any given time. The most infamous graduate, however, is that of Exar Kun, trained by Vodo-Siosk Baas himself. Exar Kun was a Jedi Apprentice that turned away from the light side to embrace the seductive power of ancient Sith magic. Forty years ago he began a war upon the Republic that had grave consequences, but through great effort and sacrifice on the part of the Jedi he was defeated. The legacy of his taint is slowly passing away in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars and the coming of a new Sith threat.

For the most part, life on Dantooine is sedate with the presence of the Jedi Academy granting a level of security unsurpassed anywhere else in the galaxy. The separate families go about their business independent of each other, and very little industrial development has taken place, leaving the landscape untouched. A number of ruins have been unearthed far from the settlements and some of the colonists have made it their goal to study them, but no official resources have been devoted to pinpointing their origins. Off-world concerns have distracted such introspection, and Dantooine remains an unspoiled world for now.