System:KashyyykPopulation:Six Million
Terrain:Wroshyr ForestImports:Limited Technology
Species:WookieesExports:Wookiees, Organic Goods

On Kashyyyk, the forests have unquestioned dominance. Ancient trees rise kilometers into the air, and it is possible to live a long life on the upper boughs never once having seen the forest floor. Most inhabitants count this as a blessing, as the further you descend, the more deadly the environment becomes. Terrible creatures lurk in that chaotic realm, and even with the aid of advanced technology it is difficult to survive for any length of time. Only the bravest of hunters dare to descend, and only the luckiest of those return.

Kashyyyk It is a savage world, but it is also home to the fierce and loyal Wookiee species. They have a long-established system of tribal villages in the forest canopy, building among the highest branches. Direct confrontation between separate communities is rare, with dominance and stature traditionally decided by ritual hunts. The practice is in decline, however, as recent events have seen outside forces become more of a threat. Already surrounded by a plethora of natural enemies, the added complication of off-world interference has been very disruptive to Wookiee society.

The village of Rwookrrorro is the most important among the Wookiee tribes, and is currently led by the black-furred Chuundar (CHOON-dar). Unlike his predecessors, he seems bent on expanding the reach of his power through whatever means he can exploit. Regarded suspiciously by his people, he has abandoned many of their traditional ways, and seems less concerned with what most Wookiees value above all else: honor. He remains unchallenged by carefully manipulating the fears of his people.

Despite the untamed nature that encases Kashyyyk, Chuundar's actions have allowed outside interests to gain a foothold. The near-limitless Czerka Corporation has established a series of small spaceports under the guise of searching the forests for unique resources. Such expeditions would normally be tremendously expensive, but the company has found a brutally efficient cost-saving measure: slave labor. This foul trade has begun in earnest, with some local inhabitants all too willing to assist.