Terrain:Canyons, DesertImports:Food, Technology, Weapons

Korriban The unwary traveler arriving at the tiny spaceport of Dreshdae will only find a barren, forgotten backwater community of temporary settlements and crudely constructed shelters. Perhaps as the competent local mechanic services your ship, you might begin to sense that there is something else here, something festering. Soon you may start to hear things such as harsh voices slowly drifting through the thick air. Your heart will begin to beat faster, and your skin will begin to itch under your collar with the urge to climb back into your ship and leave this soulless place behind forever. Korriban is a graveyard of Sith Lords and a former power base of the Sith order. This is the cradle of darkness.

The spaceport is under the roof of the Czerka Corporation stronghold, the very center of power for the giant corporation run by President Pollard Seario. The city itself owes its existence to the power created by Czerka's generators. Perhaps Pollard seeks solace from his uncountable holdings in the vast emptiness of this world; perhaps he dreams of shadowy promises that ooze from the tombs of long dead Sith Lords.

Within Dreshdae is the Sith monastery -- still teeming with those who would wish to join the Sith order. Its ominous halls resonate with the cries of anguish from those who are undeserving of the order's dark power. Their stay within its merciless walls is short, brutal and forgotten.

For the very few who survive the Sith training and wish to complete their final rite of passage into the cold embrace of the Sith, they must face the Valley of the Dark Lords. Hundreds of ancient Sith sorcerers wait within the mausoleums. They lie in their dusty beds waiting to devour the weak and unworthy. The Valley seethes with the foul energy of a thousand restless spirits murmuring of sinister glories.