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Mage Spells: Level 4
Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat. It will work on any living creature. The spell affects 2-8 1st-level targets, 1-4 2nd-level targets, 1-2 3rd-level targets or 1 target of 4th-level or above.

Confusion affects 2-16 targets. Each target must make a saving throw each round or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror or go berserk. Confusion is most effective when used against a large number of enemies.

Dimension Door allows the mage to teleport himself to another point on the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the spell. Mages can use it for quick escapes. Fighter/mages use the "door" to reach the opposition's rear area.

Fear causes all within its area to flee.

Fire Shield protects the mage so that any creature who hits the mage in melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return. The shield may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks. The mage takes half damage (no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his saving throw against the opposite form of attack improved by 2. He takes double damage from the form of attack the shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to be unable to move or attack. If the target makes his saving throw, he is affected by a Slow spell.

Ice Storm does 3-30 hitpoints to all targets within its area. There is no saving throw. This spell will inflict damage on opponents protected by Minor Globes of Invulnerability.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming first, second, and third-level spells. The Globe is very effective when used in combination with Fire Shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows the target to unready cursed magic items.