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Mage Spells: Level 2
Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible targets.

Invisibility makes the target invisible. The THACØ of melee attacks against invisible targets is reduced by 4. It is impossible to aim ranged attacks at invisible targets. Invisibility is dispelled when the target attacks or casts a spell.

Knock is used to open locks. It can be cast from the door-opening menu if the active character has a memorized knock spell.

Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the mage. A duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% plus 2% per level of the caster.

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its area for 2-5 rounds. If the target saves, it is not paralyzed, but is nauseous and has its AC reduced for 2 rounds. This spell has a very short range and care should be taken to avoid including party members in the cloud.

Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points, depending upon the class of the target.